HydroXphere®, Providing Value to a Deserving Community

10661814_290354344500640_2258852047541484883_oFrom ages 5-18 Charlie swam for the Oak Park Swim Club in Raleigh, North Carolina. Charlie says his fondest memories of summer swimming were, “racing against his best friends one minute and playing cards with them the next…” For years his parents volunteered to help run Oak Park swim meets. Like most families in the neighborhood, Charlie’s family found summer swimming as a wonderful way to share in their community’s experience of their neighborhood.

In April of 2010, Charlie wrote a business plan in one of his final classes at the University of Michigan. That business plan became the foundation of what is now HydroXphere®, incorporated in January of 2012.1937466_281681608701247_2415005931811945554_n

The product, Meet Central™, is powered by the strength of swimming; millions of young summer swimmers compete nationwide! Charlie also believes that an investment toward these swimmers and their neighborhood communities comes first and foremost. On that conviction, Charlie used his gold medal money from the Olympics to build a prototype of Meet Central™.

In February of 2013, Charlie met Michael Curran during a business luncheon and began discussing the vision of HydroXphere®. Michael volunteered at his three children’s summer swim meets for years and understands the manual complexities and the lack of real-time information for parents and swimmers. Michael also has a passion for swimming and is one of the Founders of the Triangle Aquatic Center, a nonprofit public aquatic facility in Cary, North Carolina and serves on its Board as President.

Michael has over thirty years of successful entrepreneurial business experience starting companies and delivery quality products and services to a national market. In 2013, Charlie and Michael partnered together to develop Meet Central™, the premier summer swim meet operating system for volunteers, parents and swimmers.

We would love to talk to see if we can address the needs of your summer swim club!

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