Fun on the White House lawn

A couple weeks ago, the Olympic Team was able to travel to the White House.  Aside from enjoying the company of one another, we were able to shake hands with the President, VP, and First Lady.  It was a tremendous honor.  What do you think Schmitty, did we have fun?    

Interview with Beyond the Ultimate

Here is an interview I did for Beyond the Ultimate ( in the Olympic Village one afternoon.  We didn’t let a little rain get in the way of a good time–thanks to Tim, Nate and everyone else at the Olympics representing Athletes in Action! Having perspective during the high’s and low’s in life and my […]

Thank you

I have had the privilege to work with many great coaches throughout my career. The following three are most responsible for my development as an athlete. Ron Turner was my coach at the YMCA of the Triangle and served as the catalyst for my Olympic pursuit. His knowledge and ability to execute in developing talent […]

Another great opportunity!

If you’re like me, then you know how much fun it is to capitalize on the opportunities presented to you! Although my 400 Freestyle at Olympic Trials did not go as I had hoped, I was lucky to have an equally great opportunity in the 200 Freestyle–fortunately, I capitalized on that swim! I will be […]


I had the privledge of representing Brazilian club Fiat Minas at last week’s Maria Lenk Trophy Meet in Rio de Janeiro.  I competed with my fellow [iX3]sports and Jacksonville, FL based teammates Diogo Yabe and Fabiola Molina. The five days of racing served as terrific preparation for the US Olympic Trials–now less than two months […]

Passion & Purpose

Recently, I spent the afternoon working on a project that was completely unrelated to my life as a professional swimmer.  At the conclusion of the day, I came home, satisfied with how the work had gone.  As I rehashed the days’ events in my mind, I was overwhelmed with how passionately I had tackled this […]

Kicking 101

The year before I arrived at the University of Michigan, Coach Bowman had the guys do a 400 kick (LC) for time.  We had some very talented kickers, and when I got to school, it was a thrill to challenge my Michigan and Club Wolverine teammates in kick sets.  Yesterday, I finally got around to […]

The beginnings of [iX3]sports new home on the web is up and running!  Check it out at Let us know what you think!

Training Trip to Miami

This week, we at [iX3]sports have taken our talents to South Beach.  We have enjoyed the training, the South Florida sun, and the camaraderie of teammates who all share similarly high expectations of what’s to come in 2012.  I have been challenged in many new ways by our coaches, Sergio Lopez and Gustavo Calado.  With […]

Risk averse swimming–not ProDual1 athletes

ProDual1 held in Ann Arbor, MI was a success–probably one of the brightest spots of the year for swimming. The stands weren’t full, and the format of the meet didn’t turn the sport on its head.  The wheel hasn’t been reinvented.  But two things happened because of ProDual1 that indicate untapped potential (in the athletes and […]